Information about the public consultation of Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR):


Information about application of „CEE Intraday Capacity Allocation and Nomination Procedure - Trader Guide":


Dear Partners,

We inform you that the maintenance which has influence on the Slovak-Hungarian, Austrian-Hungarian and Ukrainian-Hungarian cross-border capacity and was scheduled between 15-25 January 2015 – and was indicated as a reservation subperiod during the publication of monthly cross-border capacity auction – has been cancelled. This means that MAVIR ZRt. expects normal level of daily NTC values on these profiles during the above mentioned period.

Please take the above information into consideration.

Thank you for your understanding,


Please be informed that the main modifications of Auction Rules for the year 2015 are summarized in the following document:

Publication of cross-border capacity auction organised by MAVIR in the natural year 2015


Please be informed that the ATC values for the monthly auction for May 2015 has been published on our website on the following link:


Information about the 4M Market Coupling project member testing sessions

We would like to inform you that the 4M Market Coupling project partners announce member testing sessions for the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian market participants. On the aim of the test is to give you a complete overview about the shadow auction procedure on MAVIR side including the bidding process, gate closure times, and shadow auction result publication.

Information about the Reservation Subperiod



Please be informed about the modifications of Auction Rules due to the introduction of 4M Market Coupling and the Auction Rules for the year 2015: 

INFORMATION about cross-borders managed by CAO

Handling of cross-border capacity auctions for the natural year 2015 at Hungarian interconnections

 Interconnection Type of Auction Yearly Auction Monthly auction Daily auction Intraday auction
Hungary-Austria coordinated CAO CAO  CAO CEPS
Hungary-Slovak coordinated  CAO CAO CZ-SK-HU-RO MC CEPS
Hungary-Croatia common  CAO  CAO  CAO -
Hungary-Serbia common EMS EMS MAVIR EMS
Hungary-Romania common MAVIR MAVIR CZ-SK-HU-RO MC TEL
Hungary-Ukraine* unilateral - MAVIR MAVIR -


*Allocation of capacity rights of the Hungarian side of the Ukrainian–Hungarian cross-border section(s) conducted by MAVIR.



Please be informed that the main modifications of Auction Rules for the year 2014 are summarized in the following document:

Auction Rules for 2014 (approved by Hungarian Regulatory Office)


Please be informed that the Rules for Coordinated Auction of Transmission Capacity in the CEE Region for the year 2014 has been published on CAO's website:

Rules for Coordinated Auction of Transmission Capacity in the CEE region

We would like to call your attention that the auction calendar has been also updated on MAVIR website: (Professional/Auction Office/Long term auctions/Dates)


Dear Partners,

Please be informed that from 1 January 2013 on the Ukrainien-Hungarian border - unlike the previously announced - the daily auction and the scheduling process will be held in 5 day regime, thus the daily auctions, organised by MAVIR, will be held from Monday to Friday, but please note that the Ukrainien holidays will be taken into consideration during the auction process.

The Auction Rules approved by Hungarian Regulatory Office can be found on the following links (only in Hungarian language):



Please be informed that in 2011 MAVIR will introduce the option of bidding process via web-service in KAPAR system concerning the capacity auctions organized by MAVIR. The Bidding Process Manager Interface Specification can be downloaded from the following link:


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